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Mobile Device Management

Albion Business
Mobile device management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) improves mobile worker productivity and makes their device more secure. However, as mobile devices become more capable, MDM has had to evolve to the next level.

Keep track of your valuable company assets. MDM makes it easy to set up, configure, provision, track and remote lock/wipe all of your mobile devices through a single, easy-to-use interface. By keeping track of your devices, we make it easier to manage your users and costs.

Protect the integrity of your corporate IT environment. MDM supports biometric or two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access to the mobile device and through it, the corporate network. We use industry leading encryption technology to ensure that data on the device, or on removable media remains as private and secure on the mobile device on the road as it would be on a workstation in the office.

MDM delivers a comprehensive suite of mobile application management features. We enable over-the-air distribution, configuration, updating, and removal of apps from your enterprise library or public app store. We do this for Android, Windows and iOS applications. For mandatory business apps, we can install/remove apps in the background, without the user even being aware of what is going on. And whitelists/blacklists provide an extra layer of control. MDM gives your business a fully unified, fully curated application experience.

Easy to Use Online Portal

Have complete wireless management of your business’ devices and because it is hosted on our servers there is no on-site resource required

Secure Remote Wipe Facility

Preserve your company’s data with the ability to wipe devices remotely

Instant Messaging

With on-screen pop-up messaging you are able to keep in touch with your remote workers, without the cost of a text message

GPS Location Monitoring

Keep track of your mobile workers by their devices using a GPS location feature

Business Reporting

Keep abreast of your devices by producing inventory and activity reports

Discover what we can do for your business

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