MultiNet Sim Cards

MultiNet Sim Cards

MultiNet rips up the rulebook by giving you access to multiple networks for the best possible coverage. So, provided there is coverage from an available mobile network, you can always make and receive calls.

More signal means more opportunity to do more business. While the competition is looking for signal or having to rely on voicemail, MultiNet gives you more opportunity to carry on working.

The MultiNet sim is designed with business users in mind, from ensuring the best possible coverage with our MultiNet service through to a great range of standard and optional features including business-grade voicemail and cost control features not found anywhere else currently on the market.

MultiNet Sims have a range of cost-effective tariffs to suit any requirement. Whether it’s mobile broadband, email or both; by tethering a device to a laptop our data network will give you the speeds and connectivity you need. We know how important it is to stay connected and with MultiNet we can deliver on the best connectivity on the market.

Avoid bill shocks and unexpected data charges when overseas. With MultiNet sims you can control your expenditure when roaming with our range of Business Traveller bolt-ons to suit your schedule.

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