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With the consumer expectation of a flawless and always on mobile experience it is hardly any wonder that there is a champions league status associated with being the best mobile network across the UK and the world.

RootMetrics is the trusted and independent testing organisation that the 4 major networks all look to when receiving their ratings for performance and reliability.

With over half a million tests carried out, accrued through more than 19 thousand miles of road testing, reaching over 750 sites and measuring 648 indoor locations, you can maybe understand the depth that the tests go in to.

Each network is then measured on six attributes: –

  • Overall
  • Reliability
  • Speed
  • Data
  • Call
  • Text

EE Finished top in all six of the rankings maintaining their number one position for the second year running with some highlights including aggregate media download speeds of 38.3mbps in England, whilst o2 enjoyed best performance in Northern Ireland and Three saw some strong performances in both England and Wales.

Vodafone saw some very strong data performance results in Wales with and impressive 33.5mbps aggregate median download speeds.

In the Metro area of performance EE delivered median download speeds of 40mbps, whilst o2 saw between 10-20mbps median download speeds as did Three in almost all Metro areas too.

Vodafone maintained a very good 40mbps median download speed in two major Metros and an average 30mbps in six markets.

So how do these speeds compare to 5G?

RootMetrics compared the speeds seen in Seoul South Korea where the 5G network is well established and state of the art in its infrastructure and Liverpool where 5G is in its infancy.

Suffice to say and like any new technology updates, it is the consumers that drive the take up and hopefully our step into the 5G arena is just the start of the “Quicker, Faster, Better” things to come.

Interestingly at the heart of each 5G network the following speeds are expected…. making for some exciting times ahead for us in the UK when 5G has rolled out to us all.

The full RootMetrics report can be found here.http://rootmetrics.com/en-GB/content/review-of-the-uk-mobile-landscape-1h-2019


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